Phoenix Safe House Shelter

The Phoenix Safe House residential program provides safe and secure emergency short-term accommodation.

During their stay, women and children are supported by staff trained to deal with the immediate issues brought on by their crisis. With an emphasis on safety, the time in this program is used to link women to resources in the community. Staff help them to develop safety plans and encourage them to explore their options - to make informed decisions about their lives. The shelter accommodates up to 24 women and children at any given time and provides a safe place to stay for up to 21 days.

For more information about this program or to talk to a Crisis Intervention Worker:
Phone: 403-529-1091 or
Toll Free 1-800-661-7949

What to Expect When You Come to the Shelter

First contact is usually made by phone by calling a Crisis Intervention Worker at 403-529-1091.

The worker will let you know if there is space for you and your children (if you'll be bringing any with you). They will also arrange for transportation to the shelter if you don't have your own way.

When you arrive, shelter staff will meet you at the door and take you to a private room where they will go through the intake process with you. There will be intake paper work to complete, a tour, an introduction to the shelter and to our guidelines for communal living.

Within a short period of time, you and your children (if you have any) will be safely settled into a comfortable bedroom and will have full access to the services of the shelter.