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COVID-19 UPDATES: to 21-Mar-20

Shelter services and supports remain operating. The health and wellbeing of MHWSS staff, clients, volunteers and our community remain a top priority.
To reduce the risk of COVID-19, please note the following:
Temporary closure of MHWSS administrative office.
If you need to reach our admin team, please email
Temporarily not accepting community donations.
We appreciate your generosity, and instead encourage you to make a financial donation through our website.

Need support? Call our 24/7 Help Line: 403-529-1091 or 1-800-661-7949

Help Us Grow Hope

40th Anniversary Fundraising Goal of $300,000

For our 40th anniversary, the MHWSS Board of Directors has earmarked $150,000 for our Legacy Program Fund – and we’re challenging the community to come together and double that amount through donations.
The MHWSS Legacy program goal is to ensure our services will be available for generations to come. Gifts made to our Legacy Program are not spent. Instead they are invested in perpetuity, with only the investment’s income used for sustaining programs. This means your donation truly is a gift that keeps on giving.