“I used to live a sad life, but now I live a happy life.”

Support is available for children and youth who have experienced and/or witnessed family violence. Support and education are offered to youth, children and their parents(s) through groups, one-to-one or family sessions.

To register for or to find out more information on the current youth and children support groups we are offering, please contact us.

Children’s Support Group

Ages 5 – 12 years

The Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society offers a support group aimed at children who have been exposed to family violence. Through the use of crafts, games, videos, activities, and group discussion children learn that it is okay to talk about the violence, that they are not alone, and explore ways they can stay safe.

Youth Support Group

Ages 13 – 18 years

Our youth support group focuses on the many issues and concerns that youth face on a daily basis. The goal of this program is to have fun, develop social skills, and increase self-esteem. Participants also have the opportunity to talk in confidence in a group setting or one-on-one with trained staff.

Group topics include Family and Dating Violence, Communication, Self-Esteem, Safety, Boundaries, Transition, and Building Healthy Relationships.

The Youth Group meets weekly and activities take place at various locations in the community.

Children’s SAFE Program

Summer Adventure Fun and Educational

Each summer we offer an engaging program for children who have witnessed or experienced family violence.

The aim of the program is to have fun, increase understanding of family violence, learn how to safety plan, practice the healthy expression of feelings, and learn coping strategies. SAFE helps children realize that they are not alone and build their confidence and self-esteem by participating in various activities and community outings.